Updating Portable Licenses

When you renew your maintenance, we send you a new license file. This file will enable future versions of SIMetrix up until the time when your maintenance expires. That way you only need a new license once a year, not every time a new version is released.

Below we explain how to install the new license when you receive it.

Important Note

You receive a new license when maintenance is renewed to enable future versions. If you choose not to renew your maintenance, your old license will continue to work with your existing SIMetrix or SIMetrix/SIMPLIS version. Except in exceptional circumstances, we always issue non-expiring licenses.

Installing License

  1. Start SIMetrix then select menu Help | Reinstall License.... OK message box.
  2. Restart SIMetrix
  3. Select Standalone or Portable when asked for the license type. Press Close
  4. Press Install License...
  5. Locate the license we sent you on your system. Press Open to accept file
  6. Press Close
  7. SIMetrix should now start normally

You will not need to repeat this procedure until your maintenance is next renewed.