Local Area Network License

SIMetrix and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS LAN licenses are managed by your own centralised license server and can grant shared access to your engineers on a seat-by-seat basis within a site. Each seat can only be used by a single user at a time.

Server licensing provides a solution that is straight forward to use for your engineers and easy for your IT systems staff to manage.

The License Agreement for LAN licenses allow the software to be used by your staff up-to the purchased seat limit, on any of your company's machines within 400km/248 miles of the license server. For usage beyond this distance limit, the WAN License is required.

The license manager uses FlexNet Publisher® by Flexera Software®.

See the server requirements for LAN licensing

Quick Check

  • Design teams located within a single site
  • License updates managed by company IT
  • Users with limited or no network access
  • Design teams located internationally

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