SIMetrix Product Training

We have prepared a self-training course that allows you to teach yourself how to use SIMetrix. It is suitable for users of SIMetrix Classic who are using SIMetrix for general analog design, and is available free of charge.

Training overview

The training consists of the following modules:

  • Model installation
  • Using built-in parts
  • Symbol editor
  • Analysis modes
  • Waveform viewer and data analysis
  • Fourier analysis
  • Multi-step analysis
  • Monte Carlo analysis
  • Hierarchical schematics
  • Introduction to scripts

System requirements

To use the training material you must have the latest version of SIMetrix installed on your machine. A full production version is required; the course is not suitable for the free demo version. You will also need:

  • Adobe® Acrobat® software


  • Download SIMetrix Self Training Course
  • The downloaded file is a .msi install program. Run this by double clicking. This will install a PDF file that is the course document and a number of support files which will be installed to My Documents\SIMetrix\Training

Running the course

  1. Start the course from the program icon in the Start Menu Launch SIMetrix Training.pdf
    Start SIMetrix
  2. Type at the SIMetrix command line:


    This will reset the SIMetrix configuration so that its option and preference settings settings are consistent with the course material.
    You are now ready to start the training course. Note that when the course asks you to open a file such as a schematic, that file will be located at the following path:
  3. My Documents\SIMetrix\Training\Section-section-number

    where section-number is the top level section you are working from.


Introductory tutorials to the application are available.

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SIMPLIS Training

A range of training materials and web-seminars are available from SIMPLIS.

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