About SIMetrix

We are an independent company dedicated to providing cost-effective, class-leading analog design tools to the professional engineering community. Our company was borne out of frustration. As professional electronics engineers, we couldn't find a circuit simulator on the market that would give us the convergence ability and features we wanted at a price we could afford... so we wrote our own. That was in 1992.

In 2001 we established a partnership with SIMPLIS Technologies, which created the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS product for analysis of power circuits. We continue to work together to create class-leading power electronics tools but remain separate companies.

We have continued to grow and we now have a global customer base that includes some of the leading electronics companies across all industry sectors, as well as many smaller consulting businesses.

Our Investors

We are and have always been self-funded. We are independent and have no investors. This allows us to put customers first with no need to consider private equity investor's, share holder's or bank's short term needs.