Manual Update Procedure

Usually you can update your installation of SIMetrix with the menu Help | Check for Updates.... However, on some systems this will not function due to Internet security issues. This topic explains how to update by manually downloading the update patch file.


  1. Download the correct patch file for the version you are using by clicking on a link in the following table. See Help | About... to find out which version you are using. If using a 64 bit version the version will be suffixed "(x64)". For example if you are using version 7.20b (x64), download "7.2 (64 bit version)".
  2. Important: shutdown SIMetrix or SIMetrix/SIMPLIS. If you don't do this the patch will not be effective until after the next reboot
  3. Run patch file and follow instructions.

Patch Files

Important: These patch files apply service updates only and cannot be used to apply feature upgrades. You cannot, for example, upgrade from 8.1 to 8.2 using an update patch. You must download the full install program to upgrade your installation.

Version Patch file
8.2 (64 bit version) PATCH82g-SIMetrix-SIMPLIS-x64.exe
8.2 (32 bit version) PATCH82g-SIMetrix-SIMPLIS-x86.exe
8.1 (64 bit version) PATCH81l-SIMetrix-SIMPLIS-x64.exe
8.1 (32 bit version) PATCH81l-SIMetrix-SIMPLIS-x86.exe
8.0 (64 bit version) PATCH80s-SIMetrix-SIMPLIS-x64.exe
8.0 (32 bit version) PATCH80s-SIMetrix-SIMPLIS-x86.exe
7.2 (64 bit version) PATCH72n-x64.exe
7.2 (32 bit version) PATCH72n-x86.exe
7.1 (64 bit version) PATCH71r-x64.exe
7.1 (32 bit version) PATCH71r-x86.exe
7.0 (64 bit version) PATCH70g-x64.exe
7.0 (32 bit version) PATCH70g-x86.exe
6.2 (64 bit version) PATCH62g-x64.exe
6.2 (32 bit version) PATCH62g-x86.exe