Advanced Network License Manager Manual Installation

Manual Installation

Important: To install the license manager manually requires the use of the lmtools utility supplied by Flexera, the developers of the license manager. Note that we do not offer support for the use of lmtools. The instructions here are provided for the benefit of users who are already familiar with lmtools.

The following provides instructions on the manual installation of the network license manager on Windows®. Only use this method if you are knowledgeable about FlexNet Publisher®, otherwise use the standard license manager installation instructions.

  1. Download the license manager files
  2. Copy files within to a suitable folder
  3. If running on an AWS EC2 cloud server, complete the following:
    1. Open a command prompt window
    2. CD to the directory where the extracted files are located.
    3. run this command:
      This installs the "Flexnet Licensing Service" which is required for this platform.
  4. Copy the license file to the same folder as the program files
  5. Edit license file to enter correct hostname on the SERVER line
  6. If you are using a license locked to a USB key (dongle), download and install the USB dongle driver
  7. Setup the license manager as a Windows NT Service using the lmtools utility.

Three-way Redundant Server

If requested, we will issue a three-way redundant server license. However, we don't offer full support for this configuration and you should refer to Flexera documentation for assistance.

At the client side, enter a server name in the following form:


Note the use of the comma (',') to separate the server names.

What the Automatic Installer Does

The automatic installer performs the following actions:

  1. Tests for any existing SIMetrix-SIMPLIS license manager by attempting to check out a test license. Result of test is used later in the install sequence
  2. Asks the user for a license file
  3. Parses license file to check that it is valid for SIMetrix and the host machine. An error will be displayed if it is not. The installer will not continue until a valid license file is supplied
  4. If the license file is locked to a USB key, the installer will test to see if any USB key is already plugged in to the host computer. If there is not it will install the USB key driver
  5. If the license file is locked to a USB key and there is either no USB key already plugged in, or there is but it is the wrong one, the user is prompted to plug in the USB key. The installer will continue once it has detected the correct key is plugged in
  6. Ask user for installation folder
  7. Present to user list of actions that the installer will perform. Installations starts when user clicks "Next"
  8. Installer attempts to detect any existing SIMetrix-SIMPLIS license manager NT services. If any are found that are exclusive to SIMetrix-SIMPLIS (that is not shared with other vendors applications), they will be stopped and removed.
  9. If test in step 1 was successful (i.e. an existing SIMetrix-SIMPLIS license manager was detected), the same test is repeated. If still successful, then an error message will be displayed and the installation will abort
  10. Files copied to selected folder
  11. Setup correct registry settings for license manager. Configured to put the license file and log file in the same folder as the license manager binaries
  12. Install NT service called "SIMetrix-SIMPLIS License Manager"
  13. License file is edited to set the correct hostname on the SERVER line
  14. Service started
  15. License manager tested. If successful, installation completes. If unsuccessful, an error message is displayed