Obtaining a Network License File

This page provides instructions on how to obtain a license file for a network server.


The network license server requires a license file. The file locks the server to one machine and we require information about that machine in order to provide you with a license file.

Usually the server is locked to the ethernet address (aka MAC address, aka physical address) of the network adapter. This page describes how to obtain that address using utilities that we supply. Please do not use system utilities such as ifconfig or ipconfig to do this. These utilities often return many addresses especially if there are multiple network adapters installed. The utilities we supply will only report addresses that the license server will actually see.

Instructions for Windows

For Windows systems follow this procedure.

  1. Download and run lmtools.exe
  2. Select the 'System Settings' tab. This is what you should see:
    Obtaining MAC address from LMTOOLS
  3. Send the values presented for 'Computer/Hostname' and 'Ethernet Address' to support@simetrix.co.uk, along with your request for a license file. If multiple addresses are listed under 'Ethernet Address', send them all.

Instructions for Linux

  1. Download and extract flexlm.tar.gz
  2. Find the file 'lmutil'
  3. Run ./lmutil hostid
  4. You should see a response similar to:

    lmutil - Copyright (c) 1989-2004 by Macrovision Corporation. All rights reserved.
    The FLEXlm host ID of this machine is "000d6146c3a2"

    Email the value or values reported ("000d6146c3a2" in the above example) to support@simetrix.co.uk to apply for a license file.