License Timeout

You can set up the license manager to automatically check in licenses from users who have started SIMetrix but are not using it. To do this you must set up a FLEXnet options file. To do this proceed as follows:

  1. Edit your license file to add:


    at the end of the line starting "VENDOR NEWTECH"
  2. Using a text editor, create a file called options.txt and add this single line:


    1800 is the timeout in seconds which of course you can set to some other suitable value. The FLEXnet license manager will make the license available to other users after this much idle time has been detected. SIMetrix does not report that it is idle until there has been at least 10 minutes of inactivity, so in practice the actual idle time required in the above example will be 2400 seconds or 40 minutes.