SIMetrix Technologies - SIMPLIS Technologies Transition. Q&A

During 2021, all sales processing will be transitioned to SIMPLIS Technologies Inc. who are based in Portland Oregon. The SIMetrix office in the UK will become a development and technical support office only.

Below are some questions you may have with their answers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send them to

  1. Why is this happening?

    We are streamlining the sales procedure by creating one sales office, this will allow Elaine Lovell to fully retire this year and for the UK office to become a development and support office only.

  2. Who are SIMPLIS Technologies Inc?

    SIMPLIS Technologies Inc. have been partners of SIMetrix Technologies Ltd since 2001, together we have constantly developed the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS range of products. SIMPLIS Technologies Inc. are based in Portland, Oregon and have a strong team of technical people.

  3. When will my account move to SIMPLIS Technologies Inc?

    We anticipate moving customers over to SIMPLIS Technologies Inc. in monthly batches, we hope to have all customers moved across by the end of 2021. You will be notified when you account is being transferred.

  4. What information will be given to SIMPLIS Technologies Inc?

    All your license details, maintenance renewal dates and primary contact details will be passed onto SIMPLIS Technologies Inc. We will not transfer any personal details which are not connected with the orders you have made unless you give us specific consent to do this. If you have previously provided consent to us to share your details or to send you marketing communications, these consents will be passed on to SIMPLIS Technologies Inc. If you are not happy for us to do this, you can contact us to let us know.

  5. Where do I go for technical support?

    Please use for technical support once your account has been moved.

  6. Where do I place my maintenance order?

    Once your account has been moved, you will need to send orders and request for quotes to SIMPLIS Technologies Inc on

  7. Who will I deal with?

    For sales, your primary contact will be Aimee Kriz, Aimee has worked closely with Elaine Lovell for many years and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  8. Will John Warner still handle my technical support questions?

    For most people, yes. John Warner will continue to answer support as he has done for the last 25 years. The only difference will be that you will be submitting your technical support requests to Those using the SIMPLIS simulator may find their questions are answered directly by the SIMPLIS staff.

  9. Who do we pay?

    Once your account is moved, SIMPLIS Technologies Inc. will quote and invoice you. All payments will then be made to SIMPLIS Technologies Inc.

  10. Will John Warner still be developing SIMetrix?

    Yes, by moving the sales across to SIMPLIS Technologies Inc. John Warner will be able to devote more time to development. The UK office will be a development and support office only once the transition period is over.

  11. Do I have to change to SIMPLIS Technologies Inc?

    Your licenses and maintenance contract will be with SIMPLIS Technologies Inc. However, you can purchase through any third-party vendor of your choice if you prefer. For UK and Europe this should mean you can still purchase in the currency of your choice, but direct sales from SIMPLIS Technologies Inc are likely to be the most cost effective.

  12. Has there been a change of ownership?

    No, neither the owners nor directors have changed

  13. Will there be a change in your product line-up or development focus?

    No, SIMetrix Technologies will continue to develop the SIMetrix simulator and user interface as before

  14. Can I still get telephone support from the UK?

    Technical support is best given by email, this is because we usually need to see your circuit, or the model that you have a problem with. Telephone support will not be offered from the UK office from 2021

  15. How have you coped with the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Like all businesses we have had to adapt to minimise risk of infection. Otherwise, overall trading over the course of the year is much the same as last year.