What's New in Version 8.2

Features for SIMetrix and SIMPLIS

New Waveform Viewer

Redesigned to be faster, clearer and have new functionality, the waveform viewer retains its past usability whilst adding significant improvements.

Multi-step Probing

The arbitrary fixed probe, now has the ability to plot performance analyses and Monte Carlo histograms.

Component Enable/Disable

Parts on a schematic may be disabled without deleting. This leaves the part visible in the schematic but non-functional in the simulation.

Any part can be disabled, including terminals, probes and ground connectors.

Improved Transformer GUI

The dialog box used to define transformers has been improved. Winding polarity is now supported and the winding specification is now a list which is easier to use.

The new GUI may be used with ideal, DC and saturable transformers.

Shift Reference

There may be a case where you have waveform data that does not start at x equals to zero. For example, you have imported oscilloscope waveforms where the time starts at a negative time. Three options exist to shift the waveform in the x-axis (time in the example mentioned). This function is best used on data with a linear x-axis.

DVM Enhancements

Changes to the DVM module include:

  • Added a Monte Carlo Testplan that utilizes the DVM sensitivity tolerance file.
  • Add a Multi-Step Testplan. Simplifies the transitioning of your Multi-Step non-DVM schematic to a DVM-enabled schematic.
  • Updated the built-in Efficiency Testplan to use Multi-Step. This can exploit the Multi-Core capabilites of Pro and Elite licenses.

Piece-Wise Linear Curve Fit

A new dialog has been added to allow you to quickly obtain a PWL approximation of a curve. Currently, there exists a generic curve fit option and three specialized options for the following device characteristics:

  • Charge vs. Voltage of a capacitor
  • Flux-Linkage vs. Current of an inductor
  • Current vs. Voltage of a diode

Features for SIMPLIS

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