Version 8.2 Release Notes

The following lists the changes to SIMetrix and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS for the Version 8.2 release.

Changes for both the SIMetrix and SIMPLIS simulators

  • New Waveform viewer
  • Performance analysis and Histogram fixed-probe plots
  • Schematic component disable
  • Transformer GUI improvements
  • Shift Reference
  • Piece-Wise Linear Curve Fit
  • DVM Enhancements

Changes for the SIMetrix simulator

  • Global PSpice and Hspice compatibility options

Changes for the SIMPLIS simulator

  • Simulation Health Report
  • Pole-Zero Entry Dialog

Bug fixes

Click here for list of bug fixes for 8.2. Requires username and password. Enter credentials for downloading SIMetrix (version 7.2 or later)

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