Verilog-A and Verilog HDL for SIMetrix

Verilog-A and Verilog HDL is available for use with the SIMetrix Simulator in all Pro and Elite versions of SIMetrix and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS.

What is Verilog-A?

Verilog-A is a more advanced form of analog behavioural modelling as implemented in most SPICE programs by an arbitrary source. But whereas an arbitrary source can implement only a single static equation, Verilog-A provides a complete language with advanced features such as looping, events, conditional statements, arrays and much more. Further, because Verilog-A is compiled to binary, the resulting model is fast and efficient.

Verilog-A has a wide variety of applications. Examples include, semiconductor devices, behavioural models, electromechanical systems, DSP functions and A-D and D-A conversion. It is even possible to implement digital functions with Verilog-A and for simple devices this is sometimes more efficient than a digital implementation as there is no need for A-D interfaces.

What is Verilog-HDL?

Verilog has become the preferred hardware description language for IC and FPGA design. The Verilog-HDL feature provides the ability to simulate closed loop mixed-signal simulation by including Verilog digital designs with analog circuits. This makes it possible to study the interaction between a digital system implemented in Verilog with its analog front and back ends.

Key features

  • Supplied with fully integrated open-source Verilog simulators
  • Also possible to use third party Verilog simulators with Mentor Graphics® ModelSim® fully supported
  • Verilog-A analog modelling language compiler

Who's it for?

  • Engineers who want to extend their circuit simulators to use the industry standard Verilog hardware description language.
  • Engineers who need sophisticated high-performance analog models