SIMetrix Development Environment

SIMetrix and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS provide a fully featured development environment with the core elements that allow for schematic capture, waveform viewing and scripting. On top of this are a suite of dialogs that enable greater functionality, ease of use and additional features.

Schematic Entry

Ease of Use

The schematic editor provides a clear view of your design that is intuitive to use and operates smoothly.

  • Simple component and wire placement
  • Intelligent point-to-point automatic wiring
  • Comprehensive part selector for component selection

Tools for Clearer Presentation

A great design not only works well but can be presented to others.

  • Full colour and styling customisation of all schematic elements
  • Annotations for highlighting and describing your design
  • Simple transfer of the design to other presentation software

Scalable to your problem

From small test circuits to large complex systems, the schematic editor provides a scalable solution for your designs.

  • High performance for drawing and interacting with large circuits
  • Hierarchical components that allow the problem to be split into separate files
  • Symbol editor allowing for the design of your own components and branding

Waveform Viewing

Accurate Plotting

Data from the simulation is passed directly to the waveform viewer without precision loss.

  • Multiple curve plotting
  • User specified zoom
  • Customisable colours

Intuitive Measurements

Reading values from the waveform viewer is made easier through the measurement tools provided.

  • Curve tracking cursors
  • Comparisons between tracked cursors
  • Automatic calculation of commonly required information, such as RMS, frequency, rise and fall time.

Scripting and Verilog Editors

Script Editor

The built-in text editors allow for the development of your scripts and Verilog code from within SIMetrix.

  • Syntax highlighting for both schematics and Verilog code
  • Prompts given for script commands and functions
  • Scripts can be run from within the editor

System Features

Command Shell

Providing an interactive window into the underlying system, the command shell gives the greatest control over the program.

  • Reports warning or notification messages
  • Direct access to the scripting system
  • Advanced functionality for power users

Application Customisation

The layout of the program can be customised to how you want it.

  • Rearrange the position and layout of all editors and views within a window
  • Change the menu listings and add your own menu functionality
  • Both light and dark UI styles