System Designer

SIMPLIS SystemDesigner is a set of SIMPLIS schematic building blocks that are optimized to model digitally controlled, power electronics systems. These power electronics systems include both hardware and software digital-control implementations, such as control systems based on microcontrollers, DSPs, or FPGAs.

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System Designer is included in SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Pro and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elite.

Key features

  • Time-sampled data in the digital-control-system signal path can be represented as signed integers with up to 32-bit precision or as double-precision floating-point numbers. In both cases, the control signals are discretely sampled as in the actual system, accurately modeling the phase-shift effects of the time-sampled data system.
  • Integer data accurately represents the quantization error of the actual product implementation.
  • Double-precision floating-point data represent the signal path magnitudes with "analog precision" and essentially eliminate any quantization error.

Who's it for?

  • Power electronics engineers