What's New in Version 8.1

Arbitrary Laplace Transform

A new linear transfer function defined by any Laplace transform in the s-variable. Supports Laplace Transforms containing lookup tables and functions such as square root (used for modelling skin effect) and exponentials.

SIMetrix Convergence: Extended and Quad Precision Engine

Improved SIMetrix convergence for difficult circuits, even with tight tolerance settings, through the use of elevated calculation precision in both the matrix solver and the device equation evaluator.

Arbitrary and Fixed Fourier Probes

New customisable arbitrary fixed probe which can plot an expression of any combination of node voltages and device currents.

Also available is a new fixed probe for Fourier analysis, which plots a spectral analysis and provides all the features of Fourier random probing such as the choice of FFT and continuous Fourier.

SIMetrix New Transmission Line Models

New transmission line models for both lossless and lossy cases. The lossless line is a redesigned model that is faster and more accurate with complete back-compatibility. The new lossy line is a subcircuit model that uses the new Laplace transfer device. It supports both series and shunt losses and is orders of magnitude faster than the lossy line model provided in older versions.

SIMPLIS File Defined PWL Source

The File Defined Piecewise Linear Source models a Piecewise Linear voltage or current source with data points defined in one or more data files. A common use is for driving circuits with actual oscilloscope data captured from a lab experiment.

DVM Enhancements

Additions to the DVM module include a 3D Testplan Generator, nested multi-step parameters defined on the DVM control symbol and Bode Plot with DC current load.

For additional new features, see the longer What's New list and the Release Notes.