Version 8.1 Release Notes

The following lists the changes to SIMetrix and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS for the Version 8.1 release.

Changes for both the SIMetrix and SIMPLIS simulators

  • Arbitrary fixed probe
  • Fixed Fourier probe
  • sxrdif.dll remote interface DLL now incorporates ability to send commands - similar to SxCommand.exe utility

Changes for the SIMetrix simulator

  • Arbitrary Laplace transform device
  • Extended and quad precision simulation iteration modes
  • Convergence report
  • Convergence static analysis
  • New lossless transmission line model
  • New lossy transmission line model
  • Local parameters for arbitrary source

Changes for the SIMPLIS simulator

  • File defined PWL source. This source allows a PWL definition with up to 100,001 points, and allows nesting of up to five levels of source definition.
  • Laplace Filter dialog updates. The Laplace Filter dialog now allows entry of pole-zero format as well as the existing coeifficient format.
  • Continuous or Discrete Time Filter. This filter can represent either a continuous or discrete time filter with up to a 2nd order. The dialog includes a calculator which allows coeifficients to be entered in either s-domain or z-domain and the coeificients for the desired filter type can be calculated.
  • Preprocessor Improvements
    • Global variables which indicate the currently running analysis directives are created for every SIMPLIS simulation. The global variables named HAS_POP_ANALYSIS, HAS_TRAN_ANALYSIS, HAS_AC_ANALYSIS take on values of 0 or 1 based on the currently running SIMPLIS analysis. These variables can be used to configure models based on the currently running analysis. This allows models the ability to automatically configure and change based on the analysis.
    • During ASCII model creation, all subcircuits are included in the top level model. In previous versions, subcircuits which were conditionally instantiated were not included in the model.
    • Added ability to save the state of the simulation for each step in a Multi-Step / Monte Carlo simulation. The saved state allows you to load snapshots for each step, reducing simulation time. The Multi-Step and Monte Carlo dialogs have been updated with a checkbox to enable this feature.
  • SystemDesigner improvements
    • Added ability to run Multi-Step and Monte Carlo simulations on SystemDesigner schematics.
    • Start-of-Conversion clocks can now be used by all SystemDesigner Devices.
    • Removed reliance of .systemdesigner file.
  • Back annotation option to reset all inductors and capacitors to zero amps and zero volts.
  • Ability to change all schematic component values to the values from a specific Monte Carlo run.
  • DVM improvements
    • 3D Testplan Generator
    • Nested Multi-Step Parameters can be defined on the DVM control symbol
    • LoadComponentValues Testplan Column
    • Bode Plot Load w/ DC Current Load
    • ExtractCurve Function Can Now Extract a Curve from a Specified Step in a Monte Carlo or Multi-Step Simulation

Bug fixes

Click here for list of bug fixes for 8.1. Requires username and password. Enter credentials for downloading SIMetrix (version 7.2 or later)

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