Version 9.1 Release Notes

The following lists the changes to SIMetrix and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS for the Version 9.1 release.

User Interface

  • Independent X-Axis for fixed probes
  • LTspice® schematic import
  • LTspice® schematic symbol import
  • S-parameter automatic symbol generation
  • Optional XML schematic file format

SIMetrix Simulator

  • Perfect diode model
  • Perfect switch model
  • S-parameter support for any number of ports
  • Verilog-A Runtime debugging with Microsoft® Visual Studio®
  • Transient startup option
  • Current sense for current controlled sources extended to any native device
  • HEMT MOS model for GaN devices
  • Quad precision speed improvement - typically 2 - 2.5 x

Design Verification Module

  • Testplan Wizards
  • Testplan Editor

Bug Fixes

Click here for list of bug fixes for 9.1. Requires username and password. Enter credentials for downloading SIMetrix (version 7.2 or later)

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