What's New in Version 9.1

Waveform Viewer Features

Independent X-Axis for Fixed Probes

It is now possible to force graph curves created by a fixed probe to have a separate X-axis, allowing independent zoom. Previously this could only be defined as a manual operation once the curve was plotted.

Schematic Editor Features

LTspice® Compatibility

The schematic editor can now open LTspice® schematics directly; just open the file in the normal way. If all models used are supported by the SIMetrix simulator, a simulation on the schematic can be run with only minimal changes required.

Design Verification Module Features

Testplan Editor

Testplans can now be created and edited using the built-in Testplan Editor. Along with removing the need for third-party spreadsheet or text editor software, the built-in Testplan Editor also provides assitance with various cell inputs. This includes drop-down selection lists and argument entry assistance.

In addition to cell entry assistance, the Testplan Editor also provides real-time error checking. Hover over colored cells to receive further information.

Testplan Wizards

Dynamically create a DVM tesplan to include only desired Objectives and inputs.

Three Wizards are available:

  • DC-DC 1 Input 1 output
  • DC-DC 1 Input 2 output
  • AC-DC 1 Input 1 output

New Features for the SIMetrix Simulator

Improved s and y Parameter Support

The AC table feature that implements s and y parameters has been improved:

  1. s-parameter models may now have any number of ports. Previously only 1-port and 2-port devices were supported
  2. The schematic support has been improved with a symbol generation feature. A symbol with the required number of connections can automatically be generated given the Touchstone filename extension

Verilog-A Run-time Debugging Using Microsoft® Visual Studio®

Verilog-A code can now be debugged in real time using Microsoft® Visual Studio®. Visual Studio Community, Professional and Enterprise editions are supported for versions 2012 to 2022.

Instead of debugging the actual Verilog-A code itself, the 'C' code generated by the Verilog-A compiler is opened in the Visual Studio debugger. The debugger allows program flow to be followed as well as being able to view values of variables.

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