C-Code DLL

Your digital control code, written in C, running in SIMPLIS. No gates to layout and no co-simulation engine required means quick implementation and speedy simulation.

Requirements for DLL-defined Digital Devices:

  • A C/C++ Compiler Toolchain (e.g. Visual Studio)
  • The SIMPLIS Digital Development Kit containing header files, documentation and examples
  • SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Pro or Elite v8.40 or later
    • the functionality will be made available automatically to Pro and Elite users for no additional cost

Technical and Usage Highlights:

  • Bus-oriented I/O with built-in support for reading/writing Unsigned, Two's Complement and Binary Offset encodings
  • Supports parameterization, Monte Carlo and Multi-Step using Multi-Core
  • Automatic symbol and editing dialog creation
  • Supports multiple device and version definitions within the same DLL