Version 8.3 Release Notes

The following lists the changes to SIMetrix and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS for the Version 8.3 release.

Changes for both the SIMetrix and SIMPLIS simulators

  • Colour and label curve editor
  • Schematic pan using right mouse button
  • Schematic auto-pan during edit operations
  • Replot previously closed waveforms
  • Load Component Values for only selected items

Changes for the SIMetrix simulator

  • Sensitivity and Worst-case Analysis
  • Verilog-A New Features
    • Z-transform filter functions
    • Indirect branch contributions
    • $table_model full LRM 2.4 implementation including cubic spline interpolation
    • idt() support for assert argument
    • idtmod() function supported

Changes for the SIMPLIS simulator

  • 4-Quadrant Multiplier
  • Custom MOSFET

Previous Version

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