Version 8.0 Release Notes

The following lists the changes to SIMetrix and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS for the Version 8.0 release.

Changes for both SIMetrix and SIMPLIS

  • New application wide user interface, see below.
  • New schematic and symbol editors with improved performance and substantial new features, see below.
  • Changed schematic file structure so that files are saved in the ASCII format only. This format is compatible with most version control systems. Compatibilty to read from and write files for use in earlier versions of the program remains.
  • Multi-Level Capacitor
  • Multi-Level Lossy Inductor
  • Jumper symbols - added filled diamond at the center pin to aid in locating the center pin for wiring.
  • Added Weighted THD Measurements to the built-in measurement system.
  • Added "First Value", "Last Value" and "Vector Length" measurements.
  • Added Subcircuit Capacitor and Inductor Symbols with Quantity.
  • Added schematic menu Tools ▶ Migrate Symbols to Version 8.00, migrates current schematic level to use version 8.00 symbols
  • For Pro and Elite versions, added data sheet digitisation tool for extracting data from a manufacturer supplied image of a curve.
  • Increased default Most Recent schematics list from 4 to 6.
  • Added ability to get help for a particular script command or function by typing the command "Help [function or command name]".
  • Extended operations that can be performed while a simulation (SIMetrix or SIMPLIS) is running. For example, graph zoom in and out and many schematic editing operations can be performed during a run.
  • User defined Monte Carlo distribution functions. Also truncated Gauss distribution function.

User Interface

  • Entirely new interface design, based on dockable views within a window where the user can click and drag to move the position of views or stack them on-top of each other.
  • Updated command shell to appear as a view within a window.
  • Added File View for displaying selected directories containing SIMetrix or SIMetrix/SIMPLIS related files.
  • Updated Part Selector to appear as a view within a window.
  • Updated Schematic Editor, Symbol Editor and Waveform Viewer so they appear as a view within a window.
  • Added functionality to choose where a new waveform appears when generated by a simulation. By default in most cases, this will appear next to a schematic.
  • Added Script Editor, with syntax highlighting, command and function name suggestion, search and replace abilities, along with ability to run the script from within the editor.
  • Added Netlist Editor, with syntax highlighting as well as search and replace abilities.
  • Updated the F11 window to use syntax highlighting.
  • For Pro and Elite versions, added Verilog-A Editor, with syntax highlighting as well as search and replace abilities.
  • For Pro and Elite versions, added Verilog-HDL Editor, with syntax highlighting as well as search and replace abilities.
  • Added Logic Definition file editor.
  • Added General Options for deciding syntax highlighting colours in all text editors.
  • Added General Options for customisation of colours within the Command Shell, File View and Part Selector.
  • Added a dark interface style that replaces all colours within the application to a darker alternative. This replaces the swap background colour of earlier versions. For users wanting to change just the background colour of the schematics, the global schematic styles should be adjusted from the Schematic Editor.
  • Added ability to move views between windows.

Schematic Editor

  • Updated rendering engine.
  • Improved draw and interaction speed on larger schematics.
  • Improved movement outlines to clearer show during a movement operation, where elements were and where elements will end up during a move.
  • Added annotation objects for drawing lines, shapes and images.
  • Added the line based annotation objects: Line and Arrow.
  • Added the shape based annotation objects: Rectangle, Rhombus, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Octagon.
  • Added ability to add text to all shape based annotations.
  • Added image annotations. These can be placed through a menu, dragged into the editor or cut and paste into the editor.
  • Added dedicated title block annotation object for managing schematic titles, with dialog based definition.
  • Added styles that enable the modification of the look and feel of all schematic elements (wires, symbols, annotations), in terms of colour, line type, line width, text colour and font settings. Styles can be saved with and transfered along with a schematic (not forced on user that opens the schematic).
  • Added style editor to enable creation and management of styles, both at a local level per schematic or global application level.
  • Added grouping of schematic elements. This allows selection of one element to trigger the selection of all other elements in the group.
  • Added quick selection of all connected wires by pressing Control and Right Mouse click on either a wire or symbol.
  • Added ability to scroll horizontally on a schematic with a horizontal scroll bar, with mice that have horizontal scroll wheel support.
  • Added ability to assign a wider range of font styles to symbol properties.
  • Added ability for saving to PDF from the File menu.
  • Added ability for user to create additional highlighting colours, by creating consecutively named styles in the form HighlightStyle[number].
  • Support for International character sets using UTF-8

Symbol Editor

  • Updated rendering engine
  • Added ability to add images to symbols.
  • Added ability to add filled regions to symbols.

Waveform Viewer

  • Buffered video enhances performance and eliminates flicker
  • Compression algorithm improves performance for window resizes and curve operations
  • Support for International character sets using UTF-8

Changes for SIMetrix

  • Some devices rewritten to improve convergence and accuracy.
  • New convergence option user interface.
  • New advanced iteration algorithm improves convergence.
  • New TABLE function for arbitrary sources - compatible with PSpice.
  • New table based inductor model.
  • BSIM4 updated to 4.7.
  • Snapshot feature now available in Pro versions.
  • CSHUNT option adds capacitors to all nodes to help convergence.
  • Hysteresis parameters for voltage controlled switch. PSpice compatible but time-controlled to eliminate discontinuity.

Changes for SIMPLIS

Changes for DVM

  • Multi-Step and Monte Carlo are now supported analyses for DVM
  • New DVM Control Dialog - all parameters are entered on this dialog.
  • Measurement system changed to support fixed probe measurements inside all DVM sources and loads.
  • Added DVM Measurements Dialog
  • Added load line specification for all DVM loads. This permits Load Line testing.
  • Adde Peak-to-Peak specification for all loads.

Bug fixes

Click here for list of bug fixes for 8.0. Requires username and password. Enter credentials for downloading SIMetrix (version 7.2 or later)

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