Convergence Developments

Convergence Developments

Advanced Iteration Algorithm

A new advanced iteration algorithm which improves convergence. This can be enabled using the convergence options UI or by using the CONV option setting. The advanced iteration algorithm helps some circuits such as those with high-side or near-floating sections.

Device Code Developement

Implementation for the standard diode, BJT, MOS Level 1, 2 and 3, the voltage controlled switch and our own VMOS model, have been rewritten using our device compiler. The device compiler was developed many years ago and has been used for many other models such as the IGBT and soft-recovery diode. Device compiler generated models generally have superior convergence characteristics than hand-coded models.

Shunt capacitor convergence options, CSHUNT and CSHUNTSUB

This attaches a capacitor from every top level node (i.e. nodes not inside a subcircuit) to ground. If the CSHUNTSUB option is also specified, a capacitor is placed at all nodes incuding inside subcircuits. Even 100fF can be sufficient to fix many transient analysis convergence issues. Can be set from the convergence UI

New Convergence UI

A new user interface makes solving convergence problems easier. This presents the most common options that improve convergence along with an explanation about how to use them.

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