Installing License Manager for pre-TRL (version 5.6 and earlier) Licenses

Versions 3.1 to 5.6
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Released 20 June 2019


SIMetrix versions 5.6 and earlier used an old license format know as "pre-TRL". The latest license manager does not support these old licenses and you must use an older license manager for such versions.

How to Recognise a "pre-TRL" License

  1. Open your license file in a text editor
  2. Locate a line starting INCREMENT or FEATURE
  3. 2 or 3 lines below this you may see the keyword SIGN2= or SIGN= followed by 30 4-character blocks of letters and numbers. For example:
    INCREMENT ADPlusW NEWTECH 2010.0831 30-nov-2009 1 123456781234 \
    VENDOR_STRING="SIMetrix Technologies Ltd" SUPERSEDE \
    ISSUED=20-oct-2009 SN=SX555555 SIGN2="1234 5678 9ABC DEF0 D701 \
    9590 A0EE D975 2A4C BE42 0FE1 DCF5 C3E6 2B45 FAC0 0F0D 067C \
    D10D 2CB8 B4CF D7C9 0198 9CFB 94F4 2E07 0628 DA39 04A5 9842 \
  4. The presence of the 30 4-character blocks indicates that the license is NOT pre-TRL.

    Here are are two examples of pre-TRL licenses:
    INCREMENT Simplis1 NEWTECH 2009.0205 permanent 1 123456781234 \
    VENDOR_STRING="SIMetrix Technologies" SUPERSEDE \
    ISSUED=5-feb-2008 SN=SX555555
    The above has no SIGN= or SIGN2= code

    INCREMENT simplis_advpkg pdt 2008.1015 15-oct-2008 5 SUPERSEDE \
    ISSUED=08-jan-2008 SN=TSS11111 SIGN=432156783214
    The above has a SIGN= code but it is only 12 characters


The procedure for setting up a license manager for pre-TRL licenses is the same as for other licenses, except that you must use an older version of the license manager installer

  1. Download this file: flex_install-80.exe
  2. Follow the instructions here: to install the license server but use the above installer instead of the one you are instructed to download from that page

Important: A license server that serves licenses for version 8.2 or later cannot co-exist on the same system as a license manager that serves pre-TRL licenses. If you have such a mix of licenses, you must setup two separate license servers on different systems

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Last revision: 20 June 2019

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