Controlling License Features (Version 8.3 and later)

Versions 8.3 to latest version
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Released 15 March 2019


By default, SIMetrix attempts to check out all possible license features from the network license manager.

If you have a mix of products, this can lead to a situation whereby the first user to check out a license gets the higher spec products blocking later users from accessing them.

This article describes how to configure the program to select only the features that you need allowing colleagues to access features you don't require.

If the license is shared by multiple groups at different locations, it may be more appropriate to restrict access to certain features at the license server. This can be done by setting up an options file. Refer to Controlling Network License Access Using an Options File


Select menu Help | Configure Licensing. You should see something like this:

The products listed will be the products potentially available at your license server. If you select [Default] the program will attempt to get the highest spec product available which may deny your colleagues access to features they need but which you might not use.

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