Mixing Network and non-Network Licensing

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Released 12 March 2019


This article describes how to set up licensing so that you can use portable or node-locked licenses if available but falling back to a network license if not available


The situation can arise when you have both a portable and a network license. You may not always have the dongle with you and so wish to be able to use either license. It is possible to set up SIMetrix to use either license without any need to reinstall the license. In this situation, SIMetrix or SIMetrix/SIMPLIS will use the portable (dongled) license if it is available otherwise it will check out a network license.

The same applies to unlocked licenses and nodelocked licenses. We issue these types of license for evaluation purposes. A typical scenario is that you regularly use a network license but we have issued you with a temporary license to allow you to evaluate some new features for which you have not yet purchased a license.

The next section explains how to install non-network licenses (portable, unlocked and nodelocked) to use alongside a network license.

Installation Procedure

  1. If your network license is already installed, skip to step 4.
  2. If you have already installed SIMetrix and it is already using the non-network license, you must now uninstall the license. First make sure you have a copy of the license - you will find it in C:\ProgramData\SIMetrix Technologies\License; it is a single file with the extension .lic. To uninstall the license, select menu Help | Uninstall License... then restart as instructed.
  3. After SIMetrix has started, install the network license. Answer Network for the first box then enter your license server hostname in the next box.
  4. Copy the non-network license file to this location: C:\ProgramData\SIMetrix Technologies\License.

When SIMetrix is next started, it will attempt to check out its features from the non-networked license. If this fails, it will then attempt to obtain the license from the network server.

You should be aware that if the network license has some features that are not available in the non-network license, you will not have access to those features while using the non-network license. For example, if the non-network license is for SIMetrix/SIMPLIS while your network license provides SIMetrix Elite, the Elite part will not be available while you are using SIMetrix/SIMPLIS from the non-network license.

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