Merging Portable Licenses

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Released 29 November 2016


If you have more than one portable (i.e. dongled) licenses, you can merge the license files so that you can use any dongle with any system. This makes it easier to swap dongles around.


Collect together all the different license files in your possession. If you don't have these separately, you will find them located in c:\ProgramData\SIMetrix Technologies\License.

Simply merge all the files together to make one file. You can do this with a text editor such as notepad or you can use system commands. Under windows the Copy command can do this using the '+' character to connect the filenames. Refer to your system documentation for help.

To install the new license, start SIMetrix then select menu Help | Reinstall License... then restart. You will be prompted to enter license information. Select Standalone or Portable then OK. In the next box, press Install License..., locate the merged license file then OK. Repeat this procedure for all your machines.

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Last revision: 29 November 2016

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