*** Error *** No model name specified

Versions 4.0 to latest version
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Released 16 August 2016


A common error message is:

*** ERROR *** No model name specified

This article describes the possible causes of that error message.


  1. Use of unsupported encrypted model

    If you are using a model that is encrypted for another simulator, you will likely see many error messages and this error will probably appear. In most cases the only solution will be to obtain an unencrypted model from the supplier. This will usually involve signing a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In some cases a model encrypted for SIMetrix and/or SIMPLIS may be available. Contact the model supplier for assistance.

  2. Spurious text in F11 window

    A line consisting of a single word beginning with 'a' or 'A' will trigger this error message. This could be the result of a miskeying while editing the F11 window text.

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Last revision: 16 August 2016

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