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Released 16 August 2016


A common error message is:

*** ERROR *** Missing nodes. This device has n terminals.

This article describes the possible causes of that error message.


  1. Accidental edit in F11 Window

    Press F11 to open the schematic F11 window if it is not already open. If the first word is "SIMULATOR" and not ".SIMULATOR", replace the '.' and this will most likely fix the problem

    The F11 window is an edit box that is opened by pressing F11 in the schematic editor. A common mistake is to press the delete key to delete a component in the schematic while the F11 window is in focus. The first command in the F11 window is usually ".SIMULATOR" and pressing the delete key deletes the '.' which makes it "SIMULATOR". This forms part of the simulation netlist which interprets "SIMULATOR" as a switch devices as it starts with 'S'. Switches have four terminals but none is specified. So the error message:

    *** ERROR *** Missing nodes. This device has 4 terminals

    will be displayed.

  2. Use of unsupported encrypted model

    If you are using a model that is encrypted for another simulator, you will likely see many error messages and this error will almost certainly appear at least once. In most cases the only solution will be to obtain an unencrypted model from the supplier. This will usually involve signing a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). In some cases a model encrypted for SIMetrix or/and SIMPLIS may be available. Contact the model supplier for assistance.

  3. New line character in property text

    If you press the Enter key while editing a property in the schematic editor, you may inadvertently place a new line character in the property text. If the text being entered is a value or model name of a device, this could break up the line in the netlist for that device and lead this error message.

    To locate which device or devices is causing this, you need to look at the list file. Use menu Simulator | Open List File (version 8.0 and later) or Simulator | Edit List File (version 7.2 and earlier). Here is an example of what you might see:

    R1 I1_N 0 1K
    *** ERROR *** Missing nodes. This device has 4 terminals
    What has happened is that the device R1 has a new line in its value (1K). The next line ("tol=0.05") is the resistor's tolerance but this has appeared on the next line which is wrong. The "tol=0.05" line will be seen as a transmission line because it starts with a 'T'. Transmission lines have 4 terminals, hence the error message.

    To fix this problem, select R1 in the schematic then right click menu Edit Properties.... Double click the VALUE property and you will see that it has a new line character in it. Delete the new line and this should fix the problem.

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Last revision: 16 August 2016

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