Everytime I run a simulation I get another plot - how can make it update the old one?

Versions 5.4 to 8.1
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Released 16 August 2016


If you place a fixed probe on a schematic, a graph curve is created for that probe each time you run a simulation. The default action is to keep any older plots for the same probe so you can see how the result has changed. In some cases you may wish to always delete old plots. This article explains how to do that.

Setting Persistence

The setting that control how many curves are kept when a new curve is plotted is called Persistence. Persistence may be set globally so that all probes use that persistence by default, or it can be set for each individual probe.

Setting Global Persistence

  1. Select menu File | Options | General...
  2. Click on the Graph/Probe/Data Analysis tab
  3. Adjust the Default persistence setting as shown in the diagram below. A value of one means that only the latest curve will be displayed and any earlier curves will be deleted. A value of two means that the two most recent curves will be kept and older one deleted. A value of zero means that all curves will be kept.

Setting Probe Persistence

  1. Double click probe in schematic
  2. Set persistence setting as shown in diagram below. A value of zero means that the probe will use the global setting as described above. Any other value will be local to the probe. A value of one, for example, will mean that only the latest curve for that probe will be kept.

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