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SIMetrix Classic

Analog circuit simulation

SIMetrix Classic is our general analog and mixed-signal simulator. It includes an enhanced SPICE simulator, schematic editor and waveform viewer in a unified environment. It is easy to use, offers good accuracy and performance, and rapid convergence for a broad range of analog and mixed-signal design applications.

Key features

  • Analog simulation
  • Gate-level digital simulation
  • S-Parameter AC lookup table
  • Extended sweep modes
  • Fast Monte Carlo analysis
  • Multi-step analysis
  • Safe operating area (SOA) analysis
  • Non-linear magnetic with support for air gaps
  • Integrated hierarchical schematic editor
  • Schematic cross-probing
  • Waveform viewer
  • Parts browser for external SPICE model libraries
  • Scripting language with over 240 commands and 470 functions
  • KLU matrix solver allows simulation of difficult circuits
  • Available in 32 and 64 bit versions

Who's it for?

  • Analog PCB engineers

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Our customers say...

This is by far the best simulator I have ever used. The user interface is extremely intuitive and user friendly. This is not so with all other simulators. I feel like this simulator was custom designed just for the way I think!

Congratulations on a well thought out and well executed tool.

Barry Smith, Senior Analog Engineer, Surface Optics Corp